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Foreign publications business in Turkey
is destined to expand even more...

Foreign Publications Department in Dogan Burda has been seriously dealing with the distribution and marketing of foreign publications since 1986. As being the leader in this field, we were involved in every stage of the development of the market. Our readers in Turkey have the opportunity and the comfort of periodically following-up foreign publications. We have tired and have been trying to give a rich variety of foreign publications portfolio to foreigners who live and visit Turkey every year, and also to the Turkish people who want to follow-up foreign publications in their respective fields.

As Dogan Burda Foreign Publications Department we continue to venture to further develop this market every single day. The number of points of sales are increasing rapidly. In short, as we develop our infrastructure we are also increasing our investments in every aspect of the business.

Our aim is also to increase the variety as well as the number of the publications. There is a high market potential in foreign publications business in Turkey due to the continuous improvement of the Turkish tourism industry. Arriving at this conclusion by merely looking at concrete developments, furthers our belief that Dogan Burda Foreign Publications business is going to expand even more. Having the opportunity to benefit from distribution and other substructure resources of Turkey's biggest media company Dogan Media Group, opens up our way and enables us to be more optimistic for the future.

Mehmet Y. Yılmaz
Doğan Burda Magazines

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