Being one of the Došan Media Group companies, Dogan Burda imports and markets foreign publications. In 1986, the company has begun its operations of import and distribution of foreign publications with Germany's Bild and England's Newsweek magazines. Dogan Burda has been continuously expanding its operations by including other leading newspapers and magazines published in Europe.

Recently, the company has increased the number of foreign publications in its portfolio to 459 and the total number of foreign publications distributed in the year 2011 to 2.8 Million. Consequently, Dogan Burda now holds 55 percent market share in Turkish foreign publications market.

Having been importing select publications from the world's largest distributors and publishing houses, in 1992, Dogan Burda has become a member of World Publishers and Distributors Association, DISTRIPRESS, and assured its well-deserved position in the international arena.

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